Cisco Systems

Introduction to Cisco Systems - Networks and communication

In this nonstop developing communication world, one of the most influential companies to lead and innovate is most definitely Cisco systems. The company was first started in 1984 in San Francisco and is now known as one of the most successful companies in the field of networking and communication technology.

This global corporation holds its main branch in San Jose California, and many other branches all around the world, Including the Israeli one. The company is probably most famous for its leading innovative routers, but is also leading the way in the fields of creating and running computer networks and for the innovative tools for network security, information storage and more.

As part of being an international communication giant, Cisco systems is also one of the main suppliers for computer equipment and therefore many big companies all around the world, together with smaller organizations use Cisco's routers and switches, technical equipment for video calls between users, wireless controllers and more.

But Cisco systems doesn't only make the necessary equipment for making big and small computer networks, they also supply the tools necessary for running such networks. Today you can even find in many of the companies branches the Cisco academy that grants the very prestigious and advanced degree for network management.

Another field where Cisco systems is considered leading and innovative is that of network security together with information storage, and as a part of that was one of the first companies to create technologies and protocols concerning safe data transfers. Today Cisco is responsible for making means for e-mail security, internet security, private virtual networks security and of course firewall.

Other well known fields where Cisco systems is considered leading is the IP telephone and the Ethernet, and probably because they continue to listen to the markets need and to adapt to the developing world technology, they manage each time to supply the most advanced tools for creating and running smart systems.